Feb 20

How to make a Royal robe for four quid.

Sometimes Im not sure who I make stuff for. Today we have been playing princess. Im princess mummy. Dont worry – I’ve not turned my back on feminism- the princess girls have a work shop and get to climb up trees. Anyway – this is the simplest, cheap and super cute robe/cloak.

The same pattern could obviously do any colour/style.

I bought 1sq yard of purple felt. 1.5mtrs white feather boa. Cut the purple felt into a semi circle for the bottom and a much small semi circle for the neck to fit through at the top.  As large as will fit on the felt. Hem with the boa.

As its felt there’s no need to do any other hemming (which I love). Add a small tab with velcro on as a fastening.  Obviously if you have older ones you could use anything I just think for little ones velcro is really safe.

Add a paper crown and your all set! : ) with easter fast approaching you could add an easter crown like this one.

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