Jul 15

Salt dough alphabet matching game

Lovely girl is currently obsessed with two things. Matching things together and letters. Sooo being the MakieDo Mummy that I am – And never wanting to miss a learning oppertunity I made some salt dough letters to match with drawn letters on a board.

As with all my projects this is a simple, make with babies, make for free game! Horrah!!

To make:
Salt dough, just salt, flour and water.
I have cake letter cutters but you could always cut squares and write letters on.
Imade these while lovely girl played with salt dough one day.

Let dry and bake.
Then colour the letters whenever you get five. I did this inbetween things for a couple of days – a very easy pick up put down task. Ive only coloured the letter on one side so lovely girl cant get them upside down.

Board is the old cover of a book.
Colour with trusty old sharpies!

Lovely girl loves it – the colours help her identify a range of letters then she looks more closly at the shapes to find where it fits

… ‘they’ say handling letters/tactile experiences with the letters is the way for littlens to engage with the alphabet… Which makes sence to me since they live in such a physical world and this makes letter ‘real’… Also its just fun matching stuff up!!


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